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AST is an educational institution offering Graduate and Undergraduate studies. Students may earn Associate, Bachelor, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Religious Studies, Christian Education, Christian Ministry, and Theology. Our mandate is to “prepare a people for a higher purpose” that of kingdom building.
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Aenon School of Theology, Inc. & Bible College

Graduating Class of 2020

From Pastor’s Desk

Dearest Precious Saints,

Praise the Lord to each and every one of you. I trust that you know I am praying fervently for your health, safety and peace of mind during these turbulent times. I have also been closely monitoring all the news and developments that relate to houses of worship being allowed to reopen, while our church administration remains in contact with local and state officials. I wholeheartedly believe that truth-preaching churches are indeed the most essential services and Peace Apostolic Church will be opening its doors as soon as the necessary health and safety precautions can be fully implemented in accordance to the local, state and federal guidelines. I hope this will be very soon as I miss your faces and yearn to praise our Lord together again. Until then, I will continue to preach the Word in season and out of season, reaching you through our live streaming broadcast at PeaceOnEarth.church. Please find all upcoming announcements about our re-opening date and new protocols on our website and our official Facebook page.

With abundant love and affection,
Pastor Swancy

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